Exterior Office Cleaning

The first thing clients, partners, investors, friends, or even family see when they pull up to your office building is its exterior. Long before they walk inside and note crips and clean office space, they see the exterior of your office space.


Therefore, if you want to form a solid first impression, you need to ensure the exterior of your building is well-maintained. This means that trash cans need to be empty, not overfilling, windows must be sparkling clean, and building walls must be free of moss, debris, and/or grime.

Clean Sweep Office Cleaning can help you attack all of these potential trouble points with our exterior office cleaning services. Our crew will assess the condition of your building and note its existing problems and potential issues, and then craft a customized program that will address the specific needs of your building. From power washing the exterior walls of your building to adding a new sparkling gleam to a storefront window, we can instantly update the appearance of your building simply by cleaning it.

Our team is professionally trained and is available to clean both during daytime and nighttime hours so that our exterior cleaning services never interrupt your business productivity. We can work on various structures and different building materials and offer clients one-time exterior cleaning services or contracted cleaning services where we return at regularly scheduled intervals. Breathe some fresh life into the exterior appearance of your office building with our superior exterior cleaning services.

Happy Customers

"Excellent work. Our floors have never been so clean. Mike and team listened to my needs and delivered. Highly recommend."—Wendy Gentile

"Mike and his team have been cleaning our office building for a couple of years now. I refer them anytime I get a chance. They've recently started doing COVID disinfecting, they are definitely our go to Office Cleaners."—John Garrett

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How often do you clean my office space/building?

We will clean as often as you need us to, which may mean daily, multiple times a week, weekly, every other week, or as needed.

Can you clean entire office buildings or multiple office buildings?

Yes, we definitely can. Our cleaning services will be specifically tailored to your specific needs.

Does someone need to be at the business for you to clean?

No, we can clean during whatever time you prefer—during business hours or after hours. We will work with your schedule.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we do not do contracts only a simple cleaning agreement so you know what you are going to get with our services.

Do you have business liability insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured, bonded, and have worker’s compenstion.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we do! If you choose our professional office cleaning, we promise you nothing less than quality work. And if there is any thing left undone we will fix it right away that day or the next day to your satisfaction.

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